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The alphaeight institute translates the latest brain research into learning programmes for leaders, managers and teams that enables them to:

- Understand why they do what they do
- Learn more effective actions they can take with the brain in mind
- Create new habits that translate their learning into results in all areas of their lives


“It is our first time to work with alphaeight and we appreciated with their professionalism. The feedback from our staff were positive and they enjoyed the workshop and also appreciated with the knowledgeable trainer

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A novel EEG for alpha brain state training, neurobiofeedback and behavior change

By Bruce Stinson, Chairman of the alphaeight institute; Professor David Arthur, Psychologist & Researcher  Published on 18 April, 2013 in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice Abstract Mindfulness meditation, with the resulting alpha brain state, is gaining a strong following as an adjunct to health, so too is applying self-affirmation to stimulate behavior change through subconscious re-programming. Until…

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Can we measure mindfulness?

Having this equipment is an asset but when very large numbers of people are involved in training or when using this equipment is not feasible then how else can we measure ‘mindfulness’ or a person’s ability to move into a relaxed, alpha brain state?

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