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Leadership Team Development


A Sourcing Office of an International
Retail Company 1-Day Leadership
Team Building in Macau

Our client, a sourcing office of
an International Retail Company needed
a programme that would enable
their senior leadership team to:

  • Develop more productive
    and meaningful relationships –
    for more effective team working
  • Rely on Diverse Individual Talents
  • Drive High Performance and
    develop a Coaching Culture
    within the organisation

Our solution
We designed and delivered a one-day leadership team development programme including:

  • A workshop to enable a 16 person team to appreciate each member’s individual style and unique strengths
  • Group activities utilising Emotional & Social Intelligence Skills, Cross-functional team collaboration, Feedbacks and Coaching Skills
  • Facilitated practice sessions on Business and Personal Performance Conversations
  • A comprehensive debrief session to allow each participant to create individual Personal Action Plans for follow up and delivery of change in the workplace

Learning and Development Results
Team reported a significant increase in:

  • Ability to understand the implications that each personality style
    has on work effectiveness
  • Use of Emotional Intelligence skills for better interaction with others
  • Understanding how the adoption of a coaching mind set amongst the Leadership Team can lead to the development of everyone’s potential


  • “For me, the best in Hong Kong!”
  • “Now I am more safe and sure on how to coach people.”
  • “I learnt new techniques to communicate with the team.”
  • “I learnt a lot! The most interesting thing was the coaching techniques; especially there were a lot of practices with team members.”