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Performance Management


An International Sportswear Retailer -
1-Day workshop followed
by Group Coaching Sessions

Our client, an international sportswear
retailer needed a programme
that would enable
their Department Heads to :

  • Take responsibility for
    day-to-day performance issues
  • Acquire the knowledge to run highly
    effective performance reviews
  • Gain a better understanding
    of themselves and their team members
  • Learn and practice
    giving constructive feedback

Our solution
We designed and delivered a one-day team development workshop,
followed by group coaching sessions including:

  • A review of the client’s current performance appraisal system and material
    (pre-workshop interviews, facilitation of an ‘History Trip’ activity)
  • A workshop to enable an 8 person team to build
    an effective performance appraisal system
  • Group activities utilising skills of Emotional and Social Intelligence,
    Effective Communication, Change Management, Feedbacks and Coaching
  • In-depth group discussions to develop the company vision and create a plan
    to communicate it to everyone within the company (via effective performance appraisals)
  • A comprehensive debrief session to allow each participant to create individual Personal Action Plans as well as a Group Action Plan realise their chosen initiatives

Learning and Development Results
Team reported a significant increase in:

  • Ability to understand themselves and others in their team
  • Developing effective strategies to take responsibility for people development
  • Feedback and coaching skills to handle the company’s performance reviews
    and day-to-day performance issues