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Asia Society Panel Discussion – Young Asians: What Do They Want?

Alistair Lamont at the Asia Society Panel

Governments and businesses around Asia are increasingly feeling the social impact of youth movements. From the environment to widening income gaps to education, the post-80s and post-90s generations are making their voices heard.

These new generations have grown up in the midst of Asia’s economic boom. Today’s young Asians are better-fed, better-educated, and have access to the world through the Internet in a way that would have been unthinkable at the time they were born. What are their ideas for solving Asia’s many challenges, and how can government and business leaders better engage them as workers, consumers and as citizens?

This evening panel event involved:

Alistair Lamont - International Practice Director, the alphaeight institute

Shanthi Flynn  - SVP HR , Walmart Asis

Dee Poon - Chief Brand Officer of PYE and CEO of China Retail, Esquel Group

During the panel discussion Alistair focused on:

  • Local students’ perspectives transitioning from school to the working world.
  • Vision 2020 – A report of key policy recommendations focused on what the younger generation wants Hong Kong to become by 2020. This is a report generated from a 2-day think tank project that Alistair facilitated in partnership with the Hong Kong America Centre and students from 9 Hong Kong’s leading universities.
  • His findings from running studies with both Cathay Pacific and The Hong Kong Hotels Association that focus on how young people like to be led or managed

To see the event flyer, please click here

If you would like a copy of the HK2020 report, please send an email to Bianca Chui