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Leadership Team Development


An International 5-star Hotel
in Hong Kong 2-Day Leadership
Team Building in Hong Kong

Our client, an international 5-star hotel
in Hong Kong needed a programme that
would enable their leadership team to:

  • Get to know each other better and
    break down communication barriers
  • Align around a common agenda
    and vision of the way forward
  • Promote improved
    communication and integration
    among different departments

Our solution
We designed and delivered a 2-day leadership team development programme including:

  • A workshop to enable a 24 person team to get to know each other better
  • Group activities utilising skills of different leadership styles, communication, emotional intelligence and change management
  • Intensive group discussions on pre-identified work related issues and facilitated sessions on quick-win solutions

Learning and Development Results
Team reported a significant increase in:

  • Understanding of inter-departmental relationships
  • Cross-departmental collaborations
  • Flexibility in a changing environment as well as in problem solving
  • Flexing leadership styles when necessary


  • “The workshop was very good. It’s close to our real life that we can actually practice
    in our everyday work.”
  • “The most beneficial part was the open discussions
    which created trust among members.”
  • “I have learnt how to work as one team to lead the hotel moving forward.”