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Click! Colours


A Unique, Interactive, Personality Assessment tool

The institute is proud to offer the Click! Colours approach to all of its programme participants and companies who are looking for something simple, yet unique and effective in the area of personality assessment.”
Bruce Stinson, Chairman of the alphaeight institute.

“Why do we Click with some people and others drive us CRAZY?”

This is the question posed and answered by Click! Colours.

Click! Colours helps people identify and understand different personalities.  Individuals and teams use Click! Colours tools to maximise their potential, boost relationships and improve both personal and team performance.

Colour is a powerful and creative learning tool.  The fact that the four colours and personality types in Click! Colours perfectly match the alphaeight institute Emotional Intelligence Matrix; the institute was convinced that would be the perfect partner in this area.

The alphaeight institute uses colour in many areas of its training.  For more information on the use of Click! Colours in the alphaeight Thinking Leadership Programmes or the use of a Click! Colours presentation by the institute’s trainers, feel free to contact us.

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Click! Colours