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Do Women in Business Need to Act Like Men to Succeed?



“Most women want to be promoted as quickly as men.”
“Most women want their talents recognised.”
“Most women don’t want to act like men!”

Interestingly enough, these were exactly the things that Nancy Clark, CEO and Founder of WomensMedia, found out from 300,000 working women of today. What does success really mean to women – and is it similar to men? Is there a success formula for women in business?

The alphaeight institute’s first Women in Business Seminar Series – “Do Women in Business Need to Act Like Men to Succeed” was successfully delivered to 40 high profile business women at the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong on the International Women’s Day.

Our facilitator, Alistair Lamont, being the only male in this highly interactive seminar, stayed neutral all the way throughout his facilitated session by engaging everyone to participate actively in giving opinions on the career journeys of both men and women in terms of success and challenges. During the session, participants were busy defining success factors and obstacles for both men and women in their own perspective, identifying the common factors between the two and finally finding the best strategies for men and women to succeed together in business. A review of each other’s input has generated a lot of exchanges and laughter among the group.

This first episode of a series of Women in Business Seminars aimed at setting a platform for participants to share their opinions and experience on a given topic relating to business women at work. It is not limited to female participants, though, men are also welcome to join and give valuable opinions from a male perspective for a win-win outcome.

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Download the Women in Business findings report in PDF