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Doing Business Internationally


Doing Business Internationally: The Guide To Cross-Cultural Success
by Danielle Medina Walker, Thomas Walker

A Lucid and Logical Guidebook to Understanding Foreign Cultures, Conducting Successful Cross-Cultural Business and excelling in Cross-Cultural Communication

In addition to knowing what to expect when operating in other nations and cultures, businesspeople today must also be keenly aware of their own unseen and often unrecognised cultural feelings and biases. The stakes are too high and mistakes too costly to risk cultural misunderstandings.

This book about cross-cultural communication in a business context is an insightful and hands-on introduction to the prevalent practices, behaviours, and attitudes of cultures and people around the world. The book provides:

• In-depth analyses of 6 important global regions
• The 4 basic skills necessary for becoming culturally competent
• A tool for identifying and correcting one’s cultural skills gaps that integrates all the cultural dimensions of famous authors Hofstede, Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars, Stewart and Bennett/Rhinesmith, Kluckhohn and Strondtbeck/Hall and Edwart Hall.

The key to global business success is preparation, but a new century has brought new rules of preparation : you need to be able to transfer your communication skills from one culture to the next.

More than at any time in history, today’s world is characterised by the continuous movement of people across international orders, increased globalisation of business via the Internet and other technological factors, and widespread social, economic, and political upheaval. Empathy and understanding of other cultures is important to the interpersonal success of individuals and essential to the business success of multinational corporations and their executives.

Along with innovative products and processes, global market leaders today must have effective cross-cultural communication skills. This book examines the essentials of cross-cultural understanding and creates a template for succeeding in a business world that has completely rewritten the rules of interpersonal communication and performance.