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Our Philosophy

Neuroscience Elements for alphaeight Delivery Success

Using real life cases (data from our research) and specific situations participants face that are relevant to their day-to-day leadership; using the brain’s preference in pattern matching in order to facilitate the learning.

Keeping each learning topic short and focused on the key aspects of the participants day to day job.

Creating multi-sense (visual, touch, emotional, audible) experiences during the workshop that are easier to recall – the more memory codes are involved (visual/ acoustic/ semantic/ emotional…), the more successfully information is encoded into the long term memory.

Making it fun and entertaining – attention is driven by emotions and novelty.

Repeating the key information throughout and after the workshop to push the information from short to long term memory.

Focusing the group when appropriate, through facilitation and coaching to create practical take away solutions that are specific to their needs and can be immediately used. 

Using action learning to enable participants to experience ‘learning moments’ where they see and feel the results and benefits of the skill behaviour.