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The alphaeight institute announces sponsorship for the AustCham Mentor Programme

In order to celebrate the Chamber’s 25th anniversary, the Australian Chamber of Commerce has organised a Mentoring Programme to offer the next generation of leaders the opportunity to directly learn from the Australian business community in Hong Kong. The alphaeight institute is proud to sponsor this programme along with the ANZ Bank.  We believe a successful…

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Alistair Lamont at the Asia Society Panel

Asia Society Panel Discussion – Young Asians: What Do They Want?

Governments and businesses around Asia are increasingly feeling the social impact of youth movements. From the environment to widening income gaps to education, the post-80s and post-90s generations are making their voices heard. These new generations have grown up in the midst of Asia’s economic boom. Today’s young Asians are better-fed, better-educated, and have access…

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Hong Kong NeuroLeadership Meeting: ‘How to make Neuroscience work for your organisation? Part II’

Topic: Hong Kong NeuroLeadership Meeting – How to make Neuroscience work for your organisation? Part II
Date: Wednesday, 17th April, 2013
Time: 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Price: $65 per person

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Inspire, Build & Deliver Greater Work Relationships (Cantonese Session)

A 3-hour highly interactive session on how to build better relationships with people in the workplace.

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HR Conf

HR Magazine Conference – Staff Retention Strategie

Delivered on 14th April at The HR Magazine Conference

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alphaeight Chairman Bruce Stinson

NeuroLeadership at AustCham People Forum

Delivered on April 2011 at the Australian Chamber of Commerce People Forum meeting.

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Do Women in Business Need to Act Like Men to Succeed?

“Most women want to be promoted as quickly as men.”
“Most women want their talents recognised.”
“Most women don’t want to act like men!”

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Understanding Stress & Making It Work For You

A three-hour highly interactive session on Stress Management was well attended by 14 participants from the banking, pharmaceutical, travel and manufacturing industries.

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20110120 HR Magazine Conference

HR Magazine Conference – Recruitment & Succession Planning Strategies

Delivered on 20th January at the HR Magazine Conference on Recruitment & Succession Planning Strategies.

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Inspire, Build & Deliver Greater Work Relationships

Delivered on 16 November 2010 at the HKGCC Click! Colours session.

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