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Creating Training with the Brain in mind

To pay close attention to something, the brain needs to mix the perfect cocktail of chemicals. [...]


How to… manage coaching effectively

Executive coaching is currently embraced across Asia as an effective tool used for the further development of highly capable leaders as well as for rising stars. [...]


How to… give feed back effectively

Giving constructive, specific and timely feedback is essential for creating a productive and positive work environment. Feedback is the least expensive, most powerful and useful tool [...]


How to… manage a performance appraisal effectively(from appraiser’s perspective)

The most important purpose of a performance appraisal is to improve performance in the future by reviewing past and present performance, and then by creating a development plan to build on the employee’s strengths [...]


How to… manage your time effectively

10 Effective Time Management Secrets

How to… become more assertive?

Assertiveness is all about expressing your needs while building positive relationships with others. Do you need to become more assertive?


10 Tips for Effective and Active Listening

Learn how to become engaged in what the other person is saying… and Boost your Communication Skills!!


Creating leader-led learning

Learning Leaders focus on motivating and developing their people so development and empowerment happen everyday[...]


Measuring Training Results

To ensure that your training budgets remain healthy, you must be able to show tangible results. [...]


Developing global leaders in Asia Pacific

To succeed in today’s economy, organisations in Asia must create global leaders with the right knowledge, experience and competencies. [...]