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Change Management

We design vision, purpose and change workshops that enable leadership
and management teams to:

  • Understand the current situation and the opportunity cost of ‘standing still’
  • Create a compelling vision and purpose with an action plan to make it happen

During these workshops participants:

  • Understand themselves and others (as individuals and as a team) – their personalities, aspirations, beliefs, values and personal/group ‘comfort zones’
  • Build their “Change Equation” to gain ownership and buy-in for the journey they are about to embark upon – common understanding of the ‘Pressure’ for change,
    the ‘Vision’ for what they aspire to achieve, analysis of ‘Resources’ and capability plus specific ‘Actions’ that would form a change roadmap
  • Create a journey action plan that will enable them to make the change happen, including any sub-teams and identified ‘quick wins’