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Executive Coaching

The alphaeight Executive Coaching Programme is a structured programme
of individual development. It is a journey where the coachee and coach
become a team, focusing on specific goals they will consistently strive to achieve.
They do this by ‘thinking bigger’, creating goals and getting the job done.
This is due to the accountability that the coaching creates.

alphaeight Executive Coaching Programme packages are ideal for:

  • Senior leaders
  • Department heads and managers
  • Rising stars

who want to:

  • Create rapid focused results
  • Achieve short and long term organisational and personal goals
  • Develop specific behaviours and skills
  • Sharpen their performance
  • Understand and maximise their strengths and talents
  • Understand and deal with behaviours that hold them back
  • Develop and complete specific projects

A typical alphaeight Executive Coaching Programme structure includes:

  • A meeting with the client and coachee to define the scope of the relationship,
    identify priorities for action, and establish specific, desired outcomes
  • Psychometric assessment
  • At least 6 x 90-minute coaching sessions over 3-6 months
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions
  • A review at the end of the programme against agreed scope and desired outcomes

A typical bi-weekly or monthly alphaeight Executive Coaching session includes:

  • Review of the actions committed to from the last session
  • Focus on what the coachee wants to achieve from the session
  • Coaching conversations to find the best solutions to the issue / challenges
  • Action planning
  • Discussion of any problems that could come up and how to deal with them

The session may also include:

  • Useful advice from their coach
  • Coachee using their coach as a sounding board
  • Coachee using their coach to learn a new skill or behaviour that they want to adopt