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Group Coaching

The alphaeight Group Coaching Programme is a structured programme that is ideal for teams
or small groups. It is a journey where the coachee and group (up to 8 people) become a team,
focusing on specific performance and development goals they will consistently strive to achieve.
They do this by ‘thinking bigger’, creating goals and getting the job done. This is due to the accountability that the coach provides.
alphaeight Group Coaching Programme packages are ideal for:

  • Department leaders and managers
  • Departmental teams
  • Rising stars

Our 2.5 hour group coaching sessions can target specific leadership, management or role specific development goals. We achieve this by utilising practical, researched and tested neuroscience and behavioural science tools and techniques that enable the group to focus on:

  • Building awareness of the need for the skill, behaviour or tool
  • Understanding the psychology behind their current behaviour
  • Understanding the skill, behaviour or tool that will enable them
    to change and get a better result
  • Understanding the evidence that it works and the benefits they will gain
  • Action learning exercises that are designed to create the motivation to try out
    the behavior, skill or tool. This way the results can be experienced
    and the decision to change can be made
  • Creating actions (homework) that will allow them to practice the skill
    and behaviour between the sessions

After each Group Coaching Session:

  • Participants do their homework
  • Individuals utilise their coach as challenges arise in the workplace