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Management Development

Developing Neuro Managers

Managing people is the greatest challenge that managers, supervisors and rising stars
face on a day-to-day basis.

Successful management development programmes help organisations to achieve enhanced staff performance, better retention, and ultimately improved bottom line and business sustainability.

What are the key management behaviours and skills we develop?
Through executive coaching, group coaching, workshops and programmes we develop managers that:

  • Create plans to make the leaders vision happen – strategic planning,
    decision making, crisis management
  • Implement plans effectively – communicating, influencing, facilitating,
    running effective meetings, delegating, project managing, coaching,
    monitoring and motivating, training and developing
  • Control and solve problems – measuring and monitoring results, detecting problems, problem solving (short and long term), giving feedback, resolving conflict, negotiating
  • Self Develop – self-awareness, work-life balance, emotional and stress management, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, time management

How do we develop managers?
We use research that connects the fields of management development,
behavioural science and neuroscience to:

  • Enable your managers to understand how their own and their people’s minds and brains
    ACTUALLY work in relation to the management competencies you want to develop
  • Show your managers the rational science research data that proves your management competencies will achieve results
  • Develop your managers specific skills and behaviours to support
    your management competencies through action learning where the practice happens,
    the benefits are seen and their behaviour is changing

Who are our management development solutions designed for?
Our solutions are designed for:

  • High potentials
  • Managers
  • Change agents
  • Learning professionals

who want to understand the latest knowledge, tools and science of the brain that can improve
their management performance.