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Team Development

Developing Neuro Teams

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”
– Henry Ford.

A good team is an essential part of the success story of any organisation. The benefits of having good teams – their characteristics say it all – a clear identity, a common goal and purpose, shared values, complementary roles and skills, commitment and consensus.

The real challenge however lies in the how’s in actually having all these, mastering them, applying them and living them consistently.

How do we develop Teams?
We use research that connects the fields of team development, behavioural science and neuroscience to:

  • Enable team members to understand how their own and other team members’ minds and brains ACTUALLY work in relation to individual contribution and team dynamics
  • Show teams the rational science research data that supports best practice for creating, developing and maintaining high performing teams
  • Enable teams and individuals to understand their own
    and their colleagues’ personality types
  • Develop specific skills and behaviours for teams through action learning
    and team building where the practice happens, the benefits are seen
    and their behaviour is changing

Who are our team solutions designed for?
Our team solutions are designed for front line workers, management teams, regional teams and leadership teams.

How do we build & develop teams?
Our team solutions are designed for:

  • Team Challenges – With instructions but very few rules, participants are challenged to ‘live’ key skills and behaviours by planning, designing, organising and executing a set of tasks that must be achieved in 24 hours.
  • Team Development – We provide team development programmes using a variety of psychometric tools including Myers Briggs Type Index, Click Colours and DISC. These events provide insights into individual team members and how the team can work more effectively through experiential exercises and games.
  • Team games, outdoor activities and simulations – We run a variety of highly interactive team learning activities including group games, outdoor activities, adventures and simulations led by experienced professional facilitators.