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Each alphaeight workshop is designed for the specific learning needs of the client that are identified in our initial research stage.

These one or two day courses are developed to train a large groups of people (up to 40).
Even though a traditional format is used the workshops are delivered using:

  • Practical, researched and tested neuroscience and behavioural science techniques
  • Facilitated learning
  • Action learning and coaching

During our workshops participants:

  • Examine why they should make the change in behaviour / adopt the skill
  • Understand and learn best practice for the skill and behaviour
    from alphaeight facilitators and then, individually or as a group,
    tailor the information and tools to their needs
  • Practice the skill / behaviour through experiential learning exercises

At the end of the workshop participants:

  • Take part in a learning debrief
  • Identify and create a learning plan made up of key learning actions that they will begin as soon as they return to the workplace

After the Workshop:

  • All the information the group has generated is gathered together into a workbook that the participants can utilise. This means the group leaves the session with a set of tools they have developed and will start using (because it’s specific to their needs)
  • Participants do their homework helped by their chosen internal partners