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Changing Habits and Managing Priorities


A Financial Planning Company
in Hong Kong –
Half-Day workshop

Our client, an international financial
planning organisation in Hong Kong
needed a programme that would enable
their leadership team to:

  • Make the best use of
    their time and resources
  • Learn effective tips
    on task prioritisations
  • Learn how to allocate their time
    where it is the most-needed
    and most wisely spent

Our solution
We designed and delivered a half-day programme including:

  • A workshop to enable a 13 person team to learn how to change their habits,
    manage their time and prioritise more effectively
  • Group activities utilising skills of change management,
    self-control and time management
  • Tools and Matrix to use in order to be truly effective at prioritisation
  • Individual self-assessment and in-depth group discussions on pre-identified issues
    and facilitated sessions on quick-win solutions

Learning and Development Results
Team reported a significant increase in:

  • Establishing key business objectives
  • Indentifying urgent and important tasks
  • Understanding how to set goals and prioritise effectively


  •  “It forces me to think about better ways of managing time,
    the presentation has been excellent!”
  • “Definitely a worthwhile experience, lots of things to think about in order to improve
    my organisation step by step”
  • “Time really well spent reminding me what I should do!”