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How your brain likes to be treated at revision time

Interconnected neurons transferring information

How your brain likes to be treated at revision time

By David Cox 

‘Pathways between neurons can be strengthened over time. Simple repetition – practising retrieving a memory over and over again – is the best form of consolidating the pattern.’ 

‘Science tells us the ideal time to revise what you’ve learned is just before you’re about to forget it…’

‘ …because memories get stronger the more you retrieve them, you should wait exponentially longer each time – after a few minutes, then a few hours, then a day, then a few days. This technique is known as spaced repetition.’ 

‘Playing music while revising will make your task harder, because any speech-like sounds, even at low volume, will automatically use up part of the brain’s attention capacity.’ 

‘ Sleep plays a critical role in memory consolidation…the important memories (the pathways that have been strengthened through repetition) becoming easier to access…’


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