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HR Magazine Conference – Recruitment & Succession Planning Strategies

20110120 HR Magazine Conference

A successful HR Magazine Conference on Recruitment & Succession Planning Strategies received applause from around 200 HR professionals on 20th January. At the conference, the alphaeight institute joined hands with SHL to deliver a presentation speech to a large audience on the topic “Identifying and developing your future leaders in Asia Pacific”. Christ Frost, VP of SHL Hong Kong and Alistair Lamont, People Development Practice Leader (International) of the alphaeight institute alternatively addressed key issues on global leadership competencies, talent management and how to develop leaders in Asia Pacific.

Just before the morning break, Paul Arkwright from HR Magazine announced a personality ‘colour’ activity that took the audience by surprise. The game was made available at the alphaeight booth and the institute’s most popular team building tool ‘Click! Colours’ was utilised to guess the personality ‘colour’ of Paul. At the end of the conference, one lucky participant was drawn out from the pool of the ‘winning colour’ and won an attractive prize sponsored by the institute.

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