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HR Magazine Conference – Staff Retention Strategie

HR Conf

The HR Magazine Conference themed “Staff Retention Strategies” attracted around 200 high potential HR delegates on 14th April. Professor David Arthur, an advisory board member of the alphaeight institute, presented an interesting piece of research study on “How does monetary reward effect motivation?” which generated a lot of interest in the room.

Neuroscience and behavioural science have long established evidence showing how people behave differently under different circumstances. Professor David Arthur used this to explain what motivation was all about. He also presented the results of a little experiment which further verifies different motivation factors and where and when they work best. The research was recently conducted by the alphaeight team to investigate the following in the Hong Kong work environment:

  • Does payment increase performance?
  • Does money increase or decrease motivation?

To find out more about the research background and the interesting results, please click here to download the article “Intrinsic Motivation vs. Extrinsic Motivation”.