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Interactive Response Devices

the alphaeight institute uses the ground-breaking IML interactive devices in virtually all of its presentations – and with good reason. “Maintaining interest and obtaining meaningful feedback
are the major challenges for every teacher and presenter,” says  Chairman Bruce Stinson.

“We find the IML device to be the perfect tool to overcome these challenges because they keep everyone involved right throughout the presentation. We build them into our work in such a way
so that participants are regularly using them to answer questions, take part in quizzes and give feedback, some of which we can then use for research purposes.

If you plan your presentation carefully, the participants will always be involved and the important issue of anonymity can simultaneously be solved . Many people won’t raise their hands to answer
a question verbally in case they are wrong or somehow embarrass themselves, but they are happy
to key a number into the IML device – in fact, they enjoy the whole process.

We regard our partnership with IML as a vital piece of our training strategy,” Bruce concludes.
The hand-held device, slightly larger than a mobile phone is multi-functional and can be used as a microphone, to text questions to the presenter, to receive and accurately tabulate votes in cases such as Annual General Meetings, as well as bids in “silent auction” situations.

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