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Inspire, Build & Deliver Greater Work Relationships (Cantonese Session)


An enthusiastic group of 18 participants from a variety of industries attended a 3-hour highly interactive session on how to build better relationships with people in the workplace. The session was delivered in Cantonese by our facilitator Irene Leung who utilised the institute’s most popular team building tool “Click! Colours” for participants to learn more about themselves and each other and to identify different types of people at work so as to bridge the communication gap between co-workers.

The understanding of differences in the four styles of thinking and behaviours as illustrated by the colours enabled participants to better manage relationships from a different perspective. Participants were given the opportunity to practice and apply it in activities when assigned to teams with people of the same colour and mixed colours. Although teams enjoyed working in a group with like-minded people, they also realised the importance of having a mixed group of people with different styles of thinking and behaviours in the workplace to achieve optimal results.

The workshop ended with each participant signing off a number of valuable cheques of encouragement where compliments and learning were captured and presented as gifts to people whom they wanted to share with.

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