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16 November 2010 – HKGCC

Thirty participants were kept very busy at the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce theatre when alphaeight lead facilitator Alistair Lamont put them through a lively Click! Colours session.

The subject of building relationships and better interaction skills was covered in an action learning workshop which lasted just over two hours. All participants learned a lot about themselves and perhaps even more about other people and how to better understand, and work with them.

Insights gained from the institute’s popular team building tool were never so apparent as when Alistair had the four groups (each comprised of those with a particular personality type) planning a Christmas party. The differences in the four styles of thinking – represented by the colours used in Click! Colours – could not have been more apparent.

The session closed with Alistair going around the room and asking each participant how they would use their new knowledge. It was obvious that, not only had there been some valuable learning outcomes for everyone present, but also that they all had an action plan to use the new knowledge in their business and daily life.

General Comments from Participants:

  • “Now I understand how others see me may differ from what I think of myself.”
  • “The workshop was fun and interactive, I learned the reasons why I click with some people instantly and some people make me mad.”
  • “It was interesting to learn that people have different characteristics, briefly classified under the 4 colours illustrated by the Click! Colours tool.”
  • “The workshop made me understand myself better and get to know why some people behave differently from my way.”
  • “It was beneficial to learn the interpersonal skills and the four types of people which are practical knowledge to apply at work.”

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