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NeuroLeadership at AustCham People Forum

alphaeight Chairman Bruce Stinson

the alphaeight institute chairman Bruce Stinson was the guest speaker at the Australian Chamber of Commerce People Forum meeting in April 2011. Mr. Stinson spoke to the group about the exciting new science of NeuroLeadership and the unusually large number of attendees indicated much interest in the topic.

“As most people know, at the institute we believe that the concept of NeuroLeadership (bringing the latest findings in the field of brain science into the workplace via advanced training and coaching methods) is the future,” Mr Stinson said.

“It was gratifying to see so many people sharing our interest and in the short time available, I attempted to introduce them to the topic and show that currently, there is a definite momentum building around NeuroLeadership. I first gave a simple overview of two important areas of this science before finally giving some practical applications to take away, using the example of the humble “To Do list.”

Among what might be seen as “surprises” in applying neuroscience to the “To Do” list which emerged out of the session were:

  • We need to write things down not so that we don’t forget them but because we need to be able to forget them. Carrying too many tasks around in our head is very energy sapping and, once they are written down, we can use that energy elsewhere.
  • Completing tasks that we really don’t want to do early in the day lifts our mood and energy levels (the science on this is very interesting).
  • The first thing we should do is prioritize our day’s tasks – another step to avoid draining the available energy in the decision making area of the brain.

….. and much more!

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