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People Styles at Work


People Styles at Work:
Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better
by Robert Bolton and Dorothy Grover Bolton

The Boltons assert that trouble among co-workers comes from not understanding differences. They describe different styles on 2 dimensions of behaviour–assertiveness and responsiveness–and 4 styles of presentation.

Subordinates are encouraged to ask managers if it is okay to change their usual styles to accommodate managers. Managers, likewise are encouraged to respect subordinate’s styles by modifying their own.

It will serve you well to take notes as you read; create a cheat sheet of the characteristics for each style. Then for some time carry the cheat sheet with you, and refer to it often as you observe people’s behaviours. Over a period of time, you will pickup the nuances of how to recognise the styles.

Use Communication Styles with all your direct reports, during meetings, etc. It will allow you to convey clearly my messages, and at the same time overcome communication styles differences. This simple method will make a difference in your daily work not only as a manager but also in communicating with your peers.

It is a wonderful tool to understand what makes people tick and how to help them keep in time with the rest of the clock that is the organisation.