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Stanley Tsang


Stanley Tsang
Research and Training Development Officer  

Stanley holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics, Data Science and Business Statistics stream from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  He is equipped with the knowledge as well as the analytical skills it takes to conduct sizeable research.  Stanley is highly proficient in making use of computer software such as SAS, R/S-plus and Microsoft Offices.  This is particularly useful in handling and organising substantial amount of various data and information collected.

In the Statistics Department Summer Internship Program 2011, Stanley assisted in the research project for the Hong Kong Government’s Census and Statistics Department.  The research was to understand the correlation between education level and marriage age in Hong Kong.  Stanley not only gained hands-on experience from the exposure but also learnt new knowledge such as mass data analysis and information gathering.

Recruited by the alphaeight institute, Stanley is working closely with the research team on the alphaeight weight loss programme.  His knowledge and skills have been proven to be valuable when it comes to data collection, analysis, documentation and findings presentation.