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Sticky Wisdom


Sticky Wisdom: How to Start a Creative Revolution at Work
by Dave Allan, Matt Kingdon, Kris Murrin, Daz Rudkin

What if you could spot what’s killing creativity in your organisation right now?

What if you could help everyone at work to be creative?

What if you stopped talking about how important creativity is and started to take practical steps to make it happen?

Instinctively we all know that creativity at work is important, but for many of us it feels either difficult or intimidating.

Sticky Wisdom delivers powerful insights that take creativity out of the hands of ‘creative people’ and puts it back where it belongs, with all of us.

It breaks creativity out into six practical behaviours and shows how every one of us – not just the wacky geniuses – is packed with creative potential.

We can start a creative revolution by adopting six behaviours :

Freshness Realness Signalling
Greehousing Momentum Courage

These are the behaviours you can identify in highly creative and high-performing teams.

Suddently creativity isn’t such a mystery. Sticky Wisdom makes it easy to talk about, easy to practice and easy to remember.

Sticky Wisdom should be required reading for anyone who’s ever wondered how to have more fun at work and profit by it. The basic message is that creativity is like gold dust but it needs to be practised and worked at in organisations. It needs to become part of the organisational furniture. Dave Allan and his coauthors run a creative consultancy aimed at helping businesses move outside the proverbial tramlines and here, minus the fee, they show how, with activities, games, insights and general lunacy.

The basic premise is that there are six main ways of being more creative–from thinking about things afresh through greenhousing (letting good ideas grow) to bravery (making them happen). Each chapter presents a range of case studies that help ground the activities in a sense of reality–for example one client managed a breakthrough in their advertising for toothpaste when they started seeing their product as liquid teeth. Where many management books are drier than a diver’s underpants this has a freshness and zing about it. It keeps you reading and it keeps you smiling too. Sticky Wisdom sends a rocket into the comfortable world of conventional thinking.