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Tchibo Leadership Workshop in MACAU


3-4 March 2010

The institute conducted the annual Leadership Training Workshop for Tchibo Hong Kong in Macau in early March 2010. Tchibo is a renowned multinational organisation – it is a privately-owned, 40-year-old German company with the unique “coffee and much more” philosophy. Its Hong Kong Senior Leadership team attended the two-day training event which was conducted at the Sofitel Hotel.

The focus of the two day training workshop was on developing both individual and team Leadership capability. All of us have preferred personality styles and this presents a challenge to all Leaders to develop their understanding of these differences and the need to ‘flex’ our approach accordingly when dealing with others. Thus the Team team worked through the institute’s highly active and entertaining “Click! Colours” personality assessment and team-building tool, with an emphasis on the practical development of insight and skills to grow as Leaders.

The first day proceeded through a lively exploration of the practical aspects of developing Emotional Intelligence levels for true Leadership success. Research shows that enhanced Emotional Intelligence Awareness is absolutely essential for tomorrow’s Leaders, and is an oft-neglected development area.

Day Two saw the focus shift to Performance Management, Coaching for High Performance and the development of Feedback Skills – all critical Leadership skills in developing people in order to enhance business capability for organisational success to. All members of the Leadership Team left the training programme energised to deliver on their own personal Action Plans.

The Tchibo Hong Kong Leadership team were unanimous in their praise for both the style and impact of the workshop – with the majority reporting that the training workshop had actually exceeded their expectations! Tchibo have confirmed their satisfaction that the workshop met their identified needs and has provided the Leadership Team with the skills, knowledge and motivation to drive the business forward still further.

A great and hugely enjoyable success for us all!

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