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The Innovative Leader


The Innovative Leader:How to Inspire Your Team and Drive Creativity
by Paul Sloane

The Independent -
‘the book is simple, accessible and admirably brief’

Paul Sloane, an expert on creativity and problem solving, has written a highly entertaining and idea-packed book on how to foster creativity and innovation in your teams. Every leader wants their teams to be more innovative, but don’t always know how to go about it. Sloane, has gathered together a whole plethora of tools and techniques to stimulate teams into innovation overdrive.

“The Innovative Leader” contains examples, advice, guidance and a wealth of invaluable tools you can put to use immediately.

The book is organised into the following sections:

1 – Leading Innovation
How to become an innovative leader, how to kick of an innovative culture

2 – Problem Analysis
How to frame problems

3 – Generating Ideas
How to generate lots of ideas!

4 – Implementing Innovation Processes
How to structure innovation projects in your organisation

5 – Building a Creative Culture
How to build a culture where creativity thrives

6 – Personal Creativity
How to develop personal creativity skills

Numerous international examples illustrate how organisations such as Virgin, Body Shop, Disney, and 3M have benefited from this approach, encouraging excellence and entrepreneurship through challenging goals that keep employees motivated and engaged.