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Understanding Stress & Making It Work For You


The workshop started with an exciting simulation in which participants learned how to make quick decisions when facing a stressful situation. For this exercise we utilised the institute’s most popular personality assessment tool Click! Colors for participants to learn more about themselves and each other. This enabled them to gain a better understanding on why they behaved in a certain way during the simulated stress-scenario and thus helping them tackle problems more effectively in the future.

The institute has incorporated an inspiring new approach into the programme, using a behavioural science approach to explain what stress is really all about and how the brain works when dealing with it. Our participants learned both short-term and long-term stress solutions, which they are now able to integrate into their daily lives.

Towards the end, our facilitator encouraged each participant to write one goal they would start working on immediately to reduce their own stress level. The workshop concluded with a review session, in which everyone openly shared his/her own thoughts and valuable insights to leverage learning outcomes.

General Comments from Participant:

  • “I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the workshop.”
  • “I have learned to focus on solutions instead of problems.”
  • “I learnt how the brain works when stress is spotted.”
  • “During the workshop, I have rediscovered myself and what stresses me.”
  • “I realised I have a lot of cortisol and need to work away from that.”
  • “I learnt that in a stressful situation, we have a choice.”

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